Life The Sounds Of History: Record 10: 1917-1932 War, Boom And Bust LP NM/VG++

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Life The Sounds Of History
ALBUM:Record 10: 1917-1932 War, Boom And Bust
SLEEVE GRADE:NM: Very Clean, Like New!
DISC GRADE:VG++: Clean vinyl, plays great. May show light superficial marks only.

  • Documents:
  • A1 Speech / General John J. Pershing
  • A2 A farewell to arms / Ernest Hemingway
  • A3 Trip to Europe The next war / Woodrow WilsonLeague of Nations / Henry Cabot Lodge
  • A4 Comments on Warren G. Harding / A Republican senator
  • A5 Americanism / Warren G. Harding
  • A6 Succession to the presidency Welcoming Charles A. Lindbergh / Calvin Coolidge
  • A7 Statement / Bartolomeo Vanzetti
  • A8 Sonnet / Edna St. Vincent Millay
  • A9 Comments on American life / Will Rodgers
  • A10 Main Street / Sinclair Lewis
  • A11 Acceptance for the Republican nomination for president / Herbert Hoover
  • A12 Description of the stock market crash / Frederick Lewis Allen
  • A13 A lawyer on the plight of the farmers
  • A14 A reporter on the bonus army
  • A15 Election of 1932 / Will Rodgers
  • A16 Forgotten man / Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • B1 Over there / George M. Cohan ((performed by) Eric Carlson and chorus)
  • B2 Mademoiselle from Armentieres / traditional (Eric Carlson and chorus)
  • B3 Funny face. ‘S wonderful Girl crazy. I got rhythm / (music by) George Gershwin (words by) Ira Gershwin (Lois Winter Robert Sands)
  • B4 Always All alone / Irving Berlin (Lois Winter Robert Sands)
  • B5 Runnin’ wild. Charleston / (music by) James P. Johnston (words by) Cecil Mack
  • B6 Scandals. Black bottom / Ray Henderson
  • B7 La Cumparista / G.N. Matos Rodriguez
  • B8 Show boat. Make believe Why do I love you? / (music by) Jerome Kern (words by) Oscar Hammerstein II (Lois Winter Robert Sands)
  • B9 Brother, can you spare a dime? / (music by) Jay Gorney (words by) E.Y. Harburg (Charles Green)
  • B10 Ballet mechanique / George Antheil (Los Angeles Contemporary Music Ensemble Robert Craft, conductor)
  • B11 Piano trio / Roy Harris (Johanna Harris, piano Henry Temianka, violin Joseph Schuster, cellist)
  • B12 Ionisation / Edgar Vare?se (Juilliard Percussion Orchestra Frederic Waldman, conductor)


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