Frank Knight: The Years To Remember LP VG+/VG++ USA Longines Symphonette Society


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Frank Knight
ALBUM:The Years To Remember
LABEL:Longines Symphonette Society
SLEEVE GRADE:VG+: Sleeve shows moderate signs of handling.
DISC GRADE:VG++: Clean vinyl, plays great. May show light superficial marks only.
INFO:Small sticker tear top right

  • The March Toward World War II
  • A1a The King George V Funeral
  • A1b King Edward VIII Abdication
  • A1c King George VI Coronation
  • A1d The Munich Conference
  • A1e Prime Minister Chamberlain Reports To The World
  • A1f Hitler Declares War On Poland
  • A1g Chamberlain Announces War With Germany
  • A1h FDR “America Hates War”
  • A1i Winston Churchill “Give Us The Tools”
  • Radio’s On-The-Spot Coverage Of Sports
  • A2a The Jack Dempsey-Gene Tunney Fight
  • A2b Schmeling Defeats Joe Louis
  • A2c Max Baer, Gene Tunney, Jack Dempsey Comment As Louis Defeats Schmeling In The Re-Match
  • A2d Jesse Owens In 1936 Olympics
  • A2e Ted Husing Reports
  • A2f 1937 Davis Cup Tennis Match, Budge Vs. Kramm
  • A2g Whirlaway Wins The Kentucky Derby With Clem McCarthy
  • Radio Reports World War II
  • B1a Pearl Harbor To Corregidor
  • B1b Pearl Harbor Bulletin
  • B1c Eyewitness Report Manila Bombing
  • B1d FDR “Day Of Infamy”
  • B1e The Last Broadcast From Corregidor
  • B1f “D” Day To Final Victory
  • B1g Dwight D. Eisenhower Announces “D” Day Landings
  • B1h FDR Prays On “D” Day
  • B1i “Live” Report From Landing Ship
  • B1j Iwo Jima Invaded Eye-Witness Account
  • B1k President Truman’s Congressional Tribute
  • B1l Winston Churchill On VE Day
  • B1m President Truman Announces Hiroshima “A” Bomb Attack
  • B1n General MacArthur At Signing Of Peace Treaty With Japan
  • Radio’s Great Moments Of Pathos
  • B2a Babe Ruth’s Final Message
  • B2b Lou Gehrig Says “Goodbye” At Yankee Stadium


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